Tommy Burns’s attempts to dive 100 feet from the Menai Suspension Bridge on 7th and 8th August 1890 were abandoned, no doubt because of a strong police presence.

Menai Suspension Bridge
BRIDGE TOO FAR: Tommy Burns abandoned his attempt to dive from the Menai Suspension Bridge, probably due to a strong police presence. Photo: Davoud Davies

The North Wales Chronicle (16th August) carried the headline ‘Tommy Burns visits Menai Suspension Bridge – A Disappointed Crowd’ and reported:

On the morning of the 7th inst. Tommy Burns passed over Menai Suspension Bridge from the Carnarvonshire side, and informed the collector, Mr Henry Wilton, that it was his intention on the following day at 1.15 p.m. to jump from the Bridge into the Straits.

Burns again passed over the bridge on Friday morning and repeated his promise, but failed to put in an appearance at the hour named. This was no doubt due to the presence of Inspector Roberts and several constables who had heard the rumour and were determined to interfere. A large crowd of persons assembled.