Tommy Burns dived from at least seven London bridges in 1896, including Blackfriars railway bridge which was built in 1864 and was the first to carry trains across the Thames into the City.

Blackfriars Railway Bridge from an 1897 book Illustration copyright Oxfordshire County Council, Oxfordshire History Centre
Blackfriars Railway Bridge from a book Illustration in 1897
© Oxfordshire County Council, Oxfordshire History Centre

The Sheffield Evening Telegraph and Star of 18th March 1896 carried the following report under the headline ‘Tommy Burns Again’:

Tommy Burns yesterday afternoon clambered on to Blackfriars railway bridge, and walked some distance along the top of the parapet.

When he had reached the middle of the bridge Burns divested himself of his overcoat and boots, and without any hesitation dived headforemost into the river. He was afterwards picked up by his friends.