Mansion House in London
Tommy appeared before the Mayor at Mansion House, left, after his arrest.
Tommy got off lightly as the Lord Mayor of London Sir George Faudel-Phillips was noted for being charitable. Photo courtesy of snapper 31, flickr
THANKS M’LUD: Sir George freed Tommy to allow him to continue his journey to Yarmouth. Photo courtesy of snapper31, flickr

Tommy Burns had the questionable honour of meeting the Lord Mayor of London Sir George Faudel-Phillips in 1896 after making a bet that he could dive of London Bridge, walk and run 128 miles to Great Yarmouth, dive off Britannia Pier and reach the York Hotel in the Norfolk resort … all within 24 hours.

The Dundee Courier of 16th September 1896 reported:

The first part of the programme was duly carried out, but on regaining terra firma Tommy was compelled by a stalwart police inspector to change the remainder of his programme and a “run” to the Mansion House was substituted. The Lord Mayor was kindly disposed to the “champion,” who was at liberty to resume his journey to Yarmouth after tendering a promise that he would create no obstruction again.

The Chelmsford Chronicle reported that after Tommy’s court appearance, he completed his task in 23 hours and 19 minutes, passing through Chelmsford and Ipswich on the way.